The Disturbing History Saga


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The Disturbing History Saga (3 Book Series print)

Kami Boley—Author
Nicole Eva Fraser—Editor
Damonza—Cover Design
Sandeep Likhar—Formatting

Part I: 6 x 9 – 385 page – soft cover print book
Part II: 6 x 9 – 405 page – soft cover print book


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The Disturbing History Saga (3 Book Series print)

From Book 1:

The Disturbing History Saga – Inspired by actual events

Secrets can kill . . .

In the heart of New Orleans, the Creole clairvoyant Beulah Laveau makes a harrowing decision. A decision of great sacrifice: entrusting her only child to a couple who swear to keep his lineage a secret. Thus, the gifted boy walks into a life he wasn’t meant for and it places him in a dire situation that requires the birth of unique survival skills–colder blood, thicker skin, and a killer instinct.

Beulah is a mom on a mission to right wrongs and protect her son. Standing in her way is a man obsessed with revenge and a government on a quest for global domination. A quiet legion of CIA agents lurks in the shadows as the boy grows to become the Gator, killer for hire. As the number of people who learn the Gator’s secret increases . . . so does the body count.

Secrets, promises, and conflicting loyalties threaten to incite consequences beyond everyone’s control.

A son, a mother, a government. All willing to fight . . . all willing to sacrifice.

From Book 2:

The Disturbing History Saga – Inspired by actual events

The insidious seduction of a college-bound girl by a hell-bent abuser…

At fifteen, Mary Lou Poche is known in her small town of Houma, Louisiana for her profound beauty and intelligence. She and her best friend Gayle Gautreau believe their futures are as bright as the Southern sun. On September 6th, 1958, Mary and Gayle strike out on their first adventure to the fall festival—alone—where they meet a mysterious psychic who sends Mary reeling from the revelation of events that will affect her for years to come. In the reading, the psychic speaks of secret keys that will unlock Mary’s safety and of a difficult choice between two men. The Creole psychic woman says, “Choose de right one an’ you will know peace and success … choose de wrong one an’ you will suffer in bondage many a year.” Is the reading purely whimsical entertainment … or a frightening glimpse of things to come?

From Book 3:

The Disturbing History Saga – Inspired by actual events

“Choose de right one an’ you will know peace and success . . .
Choose de wrong one an’ you will suffer in bondage many a year.”

A chance meeting set the spinning threads of destiny in motion in the bayou-side community of Houma, Louisiana, where a young woman’s quiet struggle builds to horrific heights. Mary Poche finds herself facing a diabolical threat, a nemesis she never expected: her husband.

Back in September of 1958, Mary was delivered a fate-filled message about dangerous choices and two men who would enter her life. The mysterious details of that Creole woman’s warning fade fast from Mary’s memory as the busy school days go by, yet her future continues to align, inescapable.

Mary has a brilliant mind with a clear road to her educational ambitions, but life is about to throw her into a maze of relationships, hormones, desires, and dangers she never saw coming. She finds herself lured, caught amidst the attention of a boy and a man. One has a questionable future and one has a mysterious past; both are a possible threat to her safety.

She’s afraid of losing her head and her heart to love . . . but what if the stakes are much higher?

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