Bree The Tree

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Kami Boley-Author
Kirstie Rae Schieffler-Illustrator
Nicole Eva Fraser-Editor

Life is so fast, full of work and study.
Snuggle up with your favorite reading buddy.
Meet this adorable tree named Bree.
See her learn. See her grow.
Enjoy your kids before they go.
Have some good times with a few rhymes.
The best way to love is to show.

In this endearing mother-daughter collaboration, a young tree named Bree learns about the importance of friendship and caring about one another.

8 x 10 – 34 page – soft cover print book


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8 x 10 – 34 page – soft cover print book

Bree the Tree loves her beautiful home on top of a cliff by the sea, but she is lonely because she has no family. When she meets new friends Chloe the Cloud and Seth the Sun, Bree feels uplifted. They spend the fall and winter together, and then springtime brings a surprise! Read your little loved ones this charming story about family, friendship, and caring about one another. The story of Bree the Tree is an endearing mother-daughter collaboration you can enjoy with your children over and over again.

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112 reviews for Bree The Tree

  1. Connie

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this book about friendship that blooms in …
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this book about friendship that blooms in the most unlikely places! Sometimes what we are looking for is right in front of us! Thanks Bree the Tree for that awesome reminder! Perfect for bedtime reading!

  2. Temple Beeson

    My 3 daughters all loved the story and the illustrations
    What a delightful and charming story! My 3 daughters all loved the story and the illustrations. We can’t wait for the next book!!

  3. Eliot’s Girl Friday

    Sweet tale for your little ones!
    I so loved reading this book to my littles! They immediately connected with Bree the Tree and her friends, and even the toddler felt the loneliness of the tree at the beginning of the book and her joy at the end. “Tree, sad, Mama!” “Tree happy!” Wonderfully sweet tale about – literally – growing into yourself and finding true, lasting friendship.

  4. Amazon Customer

    friends are our family
    This book shows that in today’s world our dearest friends can be our family. As the story progresses you see the bond/friendship that Bree has with Chloe and Seth develop and grow stronger. I like the coloring book page at the back of the book.

  5. Bunnie Cannon

    Excellent book. Heartwarming story
    Excellent book. Heartwarming story

  6. Lisa Nickel

    My little ones and myself enjoyed the message of family and delighted in the artwork
    My little ones and myself enjoyed the message of family and delighted in the artwork. I highly recommend this story.

  7. Carla M. Brown

    A unique moving story of a tree that thinks she is navigating the world all alone. Ultimately, Bree comes to the realization that she is not alone but is surrounded by characters that care and love her, even though they are unlike her. By experiencing the world of Bree the tree, children will learn about embracing people of different backgrounds. Kami Boley does a brilliant job addressing this issue of diversity by taking you on a wonderful journey of this realization thru the colorful characters, illustrations and rhyming text.

  8. Amazon Customer

    Loved it can’t wait to get a copy for my GOD children

  9. Toni Palermo

    Delightful and heartwarming!
    With its wonderful illustrations, the story of Bree and her friends comes to life through this descriptive and rhyming tale of friends becoming family. This original portrayal of a sprouting friendship by a bright and talented new author is a must-read. The lesson of how this diverse cast of a tree, sun, and cloud grow into a family is one that children and parents alike will find captivating. I foresee much success for Kami and am very eager to follow her unfolding literary talent.

  10. Jayne G. Apple

    Great Family Story
    What a wonderful book—a truly meaningful book for children! The story illustrates how families are often non-traditional,and how friends that help us in our lives become family. The illustrations are beautiful, another example of family love—the story is written and illustrated by a mother-daughter team. The story is easily understood by children, and written in an upbeat rhyming style. I am ordering several “Bree the Tree” copies for my friends. I think it will be a wonderful Christmas gift.

  11. Matthew Waldrop

    Beautiful art, touching story, for families everywhere.
    This a great children’s book which my nieces loved to read! Finally a story that has values everyone can relate to. Bree is a loveable character that learns about friendship right there in front on you. I’m glad I stumbled upon this touching story with beautiful art!

  12. Happy

    Bravo for Bree the Tree
    Bravo for Bree the Tree! Bree’s story is well written and beautifully illustrated!
    The story is heartwarming…the pictures are a feast for the eyes and left a smile on my face! A crowd pleaser for all ages! It will make great Christmas and birthday gifts that will be enjoyed for years to come!

  13. Leah Courville

    Adorable book with a powerful message
    I LOVED this book! It’s adorable and has a message that all need to hear. We can’t make it all alone. We need help from friends who are different than us. We all play a role in each other’s happiness. A great message delivered thru a light hearted story. I found myself wanting to make Bree happy!! Sweet story.

  14. Kacy

    Great story
    I chose a five star rating because I liked the illustrations and the story was absolutely adorable. I would recommend this product to my younger cousins. The story really teaches the value of friendship and helping others when they feel lonely. It also reminds us that after our tears joy comes in the morning. I would like to read more from this author and check out some of her books for adults.

  15. Amazon Customer

    Poetic and artistic
    This was a nice, sweet book that any child could enjoy. It even contains a coloring page of Bree the tree!

  16. ELo

    Great for teaching value of friendships
    This is a beautiful, simple book for teaching kids the value of friendships and the love and compassion that accompany the closest friendships.

  17. Amazon Customer

    So cute!
    I thought it was a cute story. Definitely would be enjoyable for smaller children. Plus, the illustration and style are so cute.

  18. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars
    Beautiful story! Can’t wait to read it to my little reading buddy!

  19. Amazon Customer

    I love the crayon-colored illustrations and the page for children to …
    This book is precious! It has an interesting & touching storyline with cute rhyming. I love the crayon-colored illustrations and the page for children to color themselves. I’m picky about books for my grandkids and look forward to giving them this one.

  20. Amazon Customer

    So amazing. My family and I loved it. Would love more like this.

  21. Amazon Customer

    wonderful book
    Fun little book with great illustrations. We will be giving this book to our friends and family and keeping one for ourselves.

  22. Amazon Customer

    It’s a must read, a children’s treasure and a remembered story time .
    OMG!! Such a precious book. To know the writer-Kami personally I couldn’t imagine anything less.

  23. Daniel B

    Great illustrations; perfect for my nephew
    The illustrations were great and I’m sure my nephew will enjoy them as much as I did. Also, I especially liked the coloring page at the back (when not on kindle).

  24. Fran

    New take on an old problem!
    Bree the Tree is a fresh look at the age-old issue of loneliness … and the comforting truth that your friends can come from unlikely places. What a sweet, consoling lesson to learn early! The cheerful art work adds to the upbeat lesson and makes the work very appealing.

  25. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars
    Great book!

  26. Joel Brett Hebert

    Five Stars
    Love love loved reading this to my nephew!

  27. Dawn Z Yarnall

    Absolutely love this book
    Absolutely love this book! Very well written and illustrated. Can’t wait to read it to my 4 year old!

  28. Charlene G.

    Lovely story
    A sweet children’s story with lovely illustrations. I can’t wait to read it to my grandchild! Appropriate for toddlers to kindergartners.

  29. Lyles Budden

    sweet, insightful story about emotions we’ve all had
    Engaging, sweet, insightful story about emotions we’ve all had. Optimistic story that will entertain and guide young readers tenderly through these issues. I’m buying a copy for all of the young children in my family, can’t wait to read it with them!

  30. Amazon Customer

    What a wonderful book for me to read to my children
    What a wonderful book for me to read to my children!! Loved it. The illustrations are mesmerizing too. Spread the word!!

  31. Mark LeBlanc

    Five Stars
    Wonderful book and beautiful illustrations!!

  32. Liz Anne

    love and family
    A truly delightful story for readers of all ages. It focuses on the values of friendship, love and family. The wonderful illustrations bring the story to life. This book will definitely touch anyone’s heart.

  33. Elena

    Very nice story for young readers.
    This is a very nice story about friendship for young children. The illustrations are very cute and friendly. Great for the classroom or a bedtime story.

  34. S. Cook

    Five Stars
    Cool little book. I look forward to reading it to my Grandson!

  35. Amazon Customer

    The illustrations bring the story to life in such a charming way that all will fall in love with Bree and all her friends/family
    Delightful and entertaining while teaching the importance of family and friends. The illustrations bring the story to life in such a charming way that all will fall in love with Bree and all her friends/family. Will be a favorite pick for bedtime stories.

  36. Gunes Bender

    Very sweet story and beautiful illustrations
    Very sweet story and beautiful illustrations. I recommend it all families who want to teach the importance of friendship to their children.

  37. Dale

    Five Stars
    Great read if you have little ones or for the grand kids. Check it out. Great Illustrations!!

  38. Catherine L.

    Bree the Tree is a Winner!
    This is a beautifully crafted story that honors all of the values we want to teach our children: family, friendship, loyalty, risk taking, acceptance, and celebration of diversity. Whimsically illustrated, it is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the ear. My daughter loved it, and, you guessed it, wanted me to read it to her again, and again and again. . . . . This is a fresh and sweet addition to the family library, and I look forward to enjoying it with my daughter for many years to come.

  39. Kathleen Doring

    Charming and engaging
    This is an engaging and charming story about family and belonging. The artwork perfectly compliments the text. I would highly recommend this for any child- and it’s cute enough that adults will enjoy it, too. This is the author’s first work, and I look forward to more works by the talented Kami Boley. Well done!

  40. K.M. Weiland, Author of Historical and Speculative Fiction

    Love it!
    Such a lovely little book! Beautiful message of friendship, family, and hope, coupled with lovely illustrations. I will definitely be sharing this one with my niece and nephew.

  41. Lauren Fabre

    Four Stars
    Good book

  42. Amazon Customer

    Can’t wait to read to my nephew’s and nieces
    I really enjoyed this book. I can’t wait to share with my nephews and nieces to teach them that if they think they are alone they’re not. I like how when Bree thinks she is by herself, the cloud and sun show her that friends can come from all different places.

  43. Shereese Carlisle

    A sweet story
    Great illustrations. A sweet story about family. You learn that family is not necessarily who you look like, but who supports you.

  44. Donna P. Smith

    Delightful reading!!!!
    This is an exceptional children’s story about family and friendship. The illustrations are captivating and the flow of words will entertain and engage children. This is a wonderful book to give as a gift and is just in time for Christmas!

  45. Susan M. Wilson

    I have to agree…
    I have to agree that Bree the Tree is a delightful read, and beautifully illustrated book! You will want to share it with the children in your life, as it is the perfect book for any child.

  46. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars
    Awesome read I can’t wait to read this to my little cousins

  47. Sean Sumner

    Great book for young kids, simple positive message with with fun fresh illustrations
    Great book with simple fun illustrations. My two girls love it

    The story is one of family and friends and helping each other feel like they belong. A great message delivered in a fun fresh way.

    I love how you can see the changes as Bree the Tree grows. And of course who doesn’t love a happy ending

    Great book for young kids

  48. Birgit S Lutz

    Five Stars
    Very cute!

  49. Michelle M.

    Family and Friends
    What an Awesome story of genuine friendship and the need for family connection. Very well illustrated.

  50. Kindle Customer

    Beautifully illustrated
    Heart warming story with a lesson to be learned by parents and children a like. Looking forward to more stories by this author.

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