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Kami Boley

Kami Boley


Kami Boley is our featured author and the creative force behind Boley Books LLC. She was born in Houma, Louisiana. At a young age, she discovered a deep passion for books and writing. As a young adult, she put that dream on hold to devote her time and energy to work as a successful cosmetologist so she could provide for a new love in her life, her daughter, Kirstie. Now that Kirstie is grown, Kami is ready to share her stories. Some stories will be for children, some will be for adults—but as she creates them, you will be able to find them all here at boleybooks.com.

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Kirstie Schieffler

Kirstie Schieffler


Featured illustrator Kirstie Rae Schieffler was born in Houma, Louisiana. She is Kami’s multi-talented daughter. Kirstie received her Bachelor of Science degree at Louisiana State University’s Honors College in 2016 and is a self-taught artist. Her mother Kami came to her with the story of Bree the Tree and a minds-eye description, and asked Kirstie to “doodle something.” Kami knew right away that she had found her illustrator when Kirstie drew her first picture of Bree, which was ultimately used for the cover of the book. Kirstie is currently expanding her skills and preparing two new projects for publication.

Birth of the Gator

The Gator Leaves Nothing Behind – Part I

The Gator Leaves Nothing Behind – Part II

Bree The Tree

A Piggy Named Mort

Meet Kami Boley

Proud Mom, Author and professional Book Beast . . . a survivor, a perpetual student of life, and a citizen of the world. She is an ever-curious hunter of education, information, and entertainment. If you’d like to see her latest discoveries, check out her blog/reviews or Amazon.

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