Bree The Tree

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Kami Boley-Author
Kirstie Rae Schieffler-Illustrator
Nicole Eva Fraser-Editor

Life is so fast, full of work and study.
Snuggle up with your favorite reading buddy.
Meet this adorable tree named Bree.
See her learn. See her grow.
Enjoy your kids before they go.
Have some good times with a few rhymes.
The best way to love is to show.

In this endearing mother-daughter collaboration, a young tree named Bree learns about the importance of friendship and caring about one another.

8 x 10 – 34 page – soft cover print book


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8 x 10 – 34 page – soft cover print book

Bree the Tree loves her beautiful home on top of a cliff by the sea, but she is lonely because she has no family. When she meets new friends Chloe the Cloud and Seth the Sun, Bree feels uplifted. They spend the fall and winter together, and then springtime brings a surprise! Read your little loved ones this charming story about family, friendship, and caring about one another. The story of Bree the Tree is an endearing mother-daughter collaboration you can enjoy with your children over and over again.

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112 reviews for Bree The Tree

  1. Amazon Customer

    Four Stars
    Pleasant book with a good message of family…ARW

  2. G dos Anjos

    A sure winner with the kids!
    This heart-warming rhyming picture book has its theme centred around friendship and loyalty. It’s a wonderfully simple story, though a trifle clunky in its rhyming which the younger ear may not detect. The illustrations are simple and just right for this endearing tale. Overall my guess is that this will be a winner with the kids!

  3. Lacy Davis

    Fantastic children’s book. I love the story line and illustration. It’s very sweet. I especially love that it takes place by the sea!!!

  4. Alexander Dmytraczenko Jr.

    Great read!
    What a great book! A light read with cute rhymes throughout that also conveys an educational message. Kids are sure to love it.

  5. Amazon Customer

    very cute story
    Such a cute story and illustrations, great for kids. I have a 4yr old who loved it

  6. Nicole

    Our grandchildren will love this book!
    This sweet, unique book shares an important lesson and the colorful, engaging illustrations bring it to life. I’m excited to read this to our grandkids!

  7. Alida C. Melancon

    Teaches teamwork and sharing
    I read this to my granddaughter yesterday, and she loved it!

  8. It’s Better 2 Give Love

    Picture book, word rhyme with a lesson and a message
    Very cute picture book, with great words and rhymes along with a basic introduction to photosynthesis and a message about bring a good friend.

    I read it twice with my young children in mind. Looking for something interesting to read for my daughter’s class, as a mystery reader. I think I will suggest it to her teacher, especially since there is a free read option. Thank you.

  9. CosmicRobin

    This beautiful book is a great story about kindness, compassion and love.
    The love of family and friends. It teaches children what actions are necessary
    to show this to one another. Just lovely!

  10. Lamar W. Evans

    It’s easy and fun to read and very lighthearted
    Bree the Tree is such a clever children’s book. It’s easy and fun to read and very lighthearted. The best part is that it comes with a wonderful lesson about being a good friend. I’m looking forward to giving this book to my nieces and nephews for Christmas this year.

  11. Joy Nelson

    Sweet book for children
    This is a sweet book with cute illustrations that are simple enough to draw in even very young children. The message about the importance of companionship and friendship transcends age.

  12. Konnilaree Sanders

    My 5-year old and I really enjoyed this book. The illustrations are sweet and colorful. The story has a great rhythm when read out loud. It has a great message about what family is and growing that family. Great purchase. I am looking forward to more from them.

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