The Gator Leaves Nothing Behind – Part II

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The Disturbing History Saga – Inspired by actual events

Kami Boley—Author
Nicole Eva Fraser—Editor
Spencer Hamilton Borup—Editor
Damonza—Cover Design
Sandeep Likhar—Formatting


Kami Boley’s newest installment of The Disturbing History Saga, The Gator Leaves Nothing Behind, Part II, is a dark and twisting, fictional yet alarmingly real exploration of relationships, crime, and life near the waterways of mid-twentieth-century Louisiana.


6 x 9 – 405 page – soft cover book

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6 x 9 – 405 page – soft cover print book

The Disturbing History Saga – Inspired by actual events

Choose de right one an’ you will know peace and success . . .
Choose de wrong one an’ you will suffer in bondage many a year.

A chance meeting set the spinning threads of destiny in motion in the bayou-side community of Houma, Louisiana, where a young woman’s quiet struggle builds to horrific heights. Mary Poche finds herself facing a diabolical threat, a nemesis she never expected: her husband.

Back in September of 1958, Mary was delivered a fate-filled message about dangerous choices and two men who would enter her life. The mysterious details of that Creole woman’s warning fade fast from Mary’s memory as the busy school days go by, yet her future continues to align, inescapable.

Mary has a brilliant mind with a clear road to her educational ambitions, but life is about to throw her into a maze of relationships, hormones, desires, and dangers she never saw coming. She finds herself lured, caught amidst the attention of a boy and a man. One has a questionable future and one has a mysterious past; both are a possible threat to her safety.

She’s afraid of losing her head and her heart to love . . . but what if the stakes are much higher?

Kami Boley’s newest installment of The Disturbing History Saga, The Gator Leaves Nothing Behind, Part II, is a dark and twisting, fictional yet alarmingly real exploration of relationships, crime, and life near the waterways of mid-twentieth-century Louisiana.

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35 reviews for The Gator Leaves Nothing Behind – Part II

  1. Boley Books Customer

    Good Reading!
    I read this immediately after book 1. The characters become more developed and the writing style is more mature in this continuing saga. The plot twists are also more interesting. A significant social issue is still a main theme and the method used to show it’s ugly reality makes the reader ready to fight against the injustice. Once again it ends in a slightly less impactful cliff hanger than book 1 but that is a characteristic I don’t like in a book. I prefer a clean ending of a particular adventure, strictly a personal preference, not a detriment to the author.
    I recommend both books as good reading for those who like action and intrigue on a low technical level.

  2. Matt Waldrop

    Couldn’t Put It Down..
    A strong story from the very beginning. It engages the readers own imagination that is inline with historical events. Truly a great and refreshing read.

  3. James

    Won’t be long before it’s on the big screen…
    Thoroughly enjoyed this sequel. Great couple of books… this story will be on the big screen and enjoyed by all…

  4. Keisa Fruge

    Riveting Story
    This was one of the most riveting stories I’ve read in a long time!! Definitely one of those books that is so well written and so well developed that it’s hard to put down. Already looking forward to Part III!

  5. Claire Rivettwe

    I was THRILLED to finally get this book in my hands on this book after reading Part I! This book, as with the first, DOES NOT DISAPPOINT (until I reached the last page)! The portrayal of the ever deepening and twisted “love” relationship between Vinny and Mary was so beautifully written with such detail I was felt as though I was personally witnessing it as it transpired! From Kami’s writing I could understand and even feel Mary’s confusion, fear, desires, her spirit and ultimately the slowly snuffing of her dreams…THIS IS A MUST READ and I am hoping for another book PLEASE!!!

  6. S Johnson

    Even better than Part I!!
    Love, love, love this book!! I enjoyed getting to know the characters in Part I, but Part II is heart-wrenching, and very touching. At times I couldn’t put it down!! Kami has a way of making you feel like you know the characters personally. Hoping there will be a Part III!

  7. Kristi Kron

    Brilliant! Leaving you wanting more….
    Kami is truly a brilliant writer. Part I left you wanting more…Part II is thrilling. Can’t wait to read more of her writings.
    She truly brings you to the creative part of imagination, allowing you to picture the characters and being there with them. This book will bring all the emotions of anger, happiness, and shouting for victory.
    True dictation of Louisiana and it’s history.

  8. Rhett R.

    After reading the first part of this series, I was amazed. I soon became impatient, ready for part 2. The moment I got my hands on it, I could not put it down. Every page kept me yearning to know what would happen on the next, and I was never disappointed. I highly recommend this series, it is definitely an addicting read.

  9. Liz Anne

    Oh wow! I have anxiously been awaiting this sequel. Kami is an amazing person and author. She brings the characters and plot to life. I felt I was right there in the book. Her story telling is passionate. This book leaves me wanting more! I encourage everyone to purchase this novel and enjoy it as much as I have. You won’t be disappointed.

  10. Toni Palermo

    Great read – Part II
    Another great read….as the saga continues and delves deeper into the disturbing relationship between Vinny and Mary, you will be transported back in time to the late 50s and early 60s. The author’s attention to the details of this simpler time makes you feel like you are right there in Houma with them…so much so that you just want to reach out to Mary and rescue her! I’m hooked on Kami’s storytelling skills and can’t wait for more books from her.

  11. Sarah P.

    Could not put this book down!!!
    If you like historical novels, you will love this book. I just finished Part 2 of “The Gator Leaves Nothing Behind”. Kami Boley did not disappoint. She did a masterful job of immersing you into what life was like in South Louisiana in the 1950’s and 60’s. The detailed description of Mary’s struggles in life and a controlling marriage were spot on. This is a very addictive and engaging book that you will not want to put down and will leave you wanting more!!

  12. Kathleen Doring

    A masterful debut
    After having finished reading Part 1, I anxiously awaited the release of Part 2 of this historical saga. Kami Boley has proven herself to be a master storyteller, planting the reader in south Louisiana in the early 1960’s. The relationship between Mary and Vinny turns volatile after their marriage and it is her friendship with Gayle that helps sustain her through it all. Not to give away anything, but the last page of Part 2 got a strong reaction when I read it, and I know that there is more to this story. I look forward to seeing how it all plays out. Congratulations to Ms. Boley on a masterful debut and I look forward to reading more of her work.

  13. Rhonda Z. Weldon

    AMAZING book!
    Waited patiently for Part II and was not disappointed. Love books that include Louisiana and this is my favorite. Looking forward to visiting the places in the book. GREAT STORY! Put this Saga at the top of your list!

  14. Zee Dammerel

    This girl can WRITE! Well done Kami Boley for a book that held me from start to finish, that kept me interested and on the edge of my chair MANY TIMES. Other times I was afraid to turn the page for fear of what may happen!! Great characters that are well developed, real and believable give depth to the story and all of us must feel for Mary. For me, an Australian, the setting was interesting and I found myself imagining what it would be like to be a part of that area. Onwards to book three?

  15. Kim D

    Wonderful, well written story!
    Brilliantly written! This novel is heart-wrenchingly good, an emotional roller coaster from the first page to the last. I am deeply hooked on these well-crafted characters and this enthralling story stuffed with real historical figures and references, it felt like I was there in 1960’s Louisiana. I don’t want to give anything away, but keep some tissues nearby. I loooove this book!

  16. A. G. Mogan

    After reading Part I I was so sad it ended! I couldn’t be happier when I saw Part II is live!! I really wish this author would write faster! And of course not only Part II did not disappoint but it rekindled all those emotions I felt while reading Part I of the sequel. The relationship between Mary and Vinny
    had me experience sadness, anger, and love all over again. It kept me turning the pages, while I was supposed to be working. Thank you, Kami Boley for brightening my days and evenings!

  17. Sarah Strain

    Another awesome and emotional book. Its very well written! Love Kami’s attention to detail. Just like the first book, it keeps you drawn in and i found it very hard to put down. Look forward to more books from Kami in the near future!

  18. Carla Brown

    What a ride!!
    I have been anxiously awaiting the outcome of all the characters. The wait is finally over and I was not disappointed! Kami Boley once again brings the characters alive and draws you into their emotional roller coaster! I recently went to NOLA and the whole time I was thinking of Mary and Vinny! Hope there are more books from this great author!

  19. Jayne Apple

    She did it again!
    Wow, Part II of the series did not disappoint. The tone of the book quickly becomes more disturbing and you can sense the trouble ahead. The author does a great job of developing the characters. Her writing style is so smooth, it is impossible to put the book down. I would highly recommend this book. I love the Southern touches and the hints at the end that the story has just begun. A must read!

  20. Crystal

    Five Stars
    Well written and full of suspense. A definite page turner!!!

  21. Mimi TR

    Fantastic writing!!!
    Such descriptive writing! Kami’s books are so well written you feel as though you are living in them, they are a part of you! Once you begin, it’s difficult to put it down! This would make a great movie, because it grips you from the very beginning! Write on!!!

  22. Angie Truxillo

    Worth the wait!!
    I LOVED Part I of “The Gator leaves nothing behind” and counted down until part II was available. I’ve never read two book so quickly in my life; I just couldn’t put them down. It’s amazing how Kami incorporated real historical events in the storyline and made it work so effortlessly.
    Kami detailed the story so well, as I read, I felt like I was watching it in a theater; I’m amazed how she accomplished this so well. Mary is extremely likable and you feel the need to protect her and her daughter. We need more books from this awesome author!!

  23. SqueakyJess

    Great writing style
    I couldn’t put this down! I love the writing style and character development. The story and content itself was relatable to me and my past experiences so I connected with Mary very closely. There are difficult, but real and serious issues that will hopefully bring more awareness. I can’t wait for the next book!

  24. Monique K.

    Part II did not disappoint!
    Part II did not disappoint! The continued saga of Mary and Vinny gives you a glimpse into an abusive relationship. Kami keeps the suspense coming as the tale unfolds.

  25. Spencer Borup

    Kami Boley is BRILLIANT.
    I am still an emotional mess from this book. Oh god, these characters … it feels like I’ve spent a lifetime with them, laughed, loved, cried … The Gator Leaves Nothing Behind, Part I and Part II, has got to be one of the best books I have ever read. Historical fiction suspense—it really FEELS like you’re in 1960s Louisiana.

  26. Wayne Cater

    Get it!!!
    I bought Part 1 a while back as a gift for my wife. I am excited to pick up Part II for her today!

  27. Leah Courville

    Great Story!!
    The characters grab you and pull you into their story. I couldn’t stop reading, i was completely intrigued by this book. Amazing job!!

  28. Boley Books Customer

    Touchdown! Great read!
    After patiently waiting for book II
    to arrive, I was in high gear reading and could not put it down! I repeat.. Could not put it down! Great job Kami!!

  29. Diana Bartkowiak

    Beware of Gators
    Wow.. are you kidding me girl, nothing like keeping me hanging? I couldn’t put this book down; what was Gator up to? Hmmm? What would come next? The well kept secrets, the charming monster displayed on paper, page after page. A page turner forsure. Oh- the narcissistic, demonic nightmares I am still having, ugh! I suggest anyone that is ready to come face to facce with a narcisitic monster, read this book! Although this book is fiction, it spoke volumes to me. Ironically the ‘history’ sqeezed in seems to be so much of the things I find interest in. So many personal little touches; it just enthralled the reader and researcher in me. As an avid reader, writer and researcher, I just LOVED this book! I need to go backwards now and read Part I, While I attempt to wait patiently for part III as the saga continues. I found a word of wisdom though, “If there’s a fine line between LOVE & FEAR then it is NOT LOVE! BEWARE!”

  30. Konilaree Sanders

    Delicious Read
    I really enjoyed this book! You can tell that so much time and care was put into crafting the characters, scenes, and plot. Lively, detailed, intelligent, and universally understandable. The story is compelling, and I cared about the characters. Also, I love history, and the morsels of historical references did not disappoint. Just amazing. I can’t wait to get more to read.

  31. Lacy Davis

    Five Stars
    WOW!!! This book kept me wanting more. I couldn’t put it down. Can’t wait for the next one.

  32. Boley Books Customer

    Great read, couldn’t put it down. Characters well developed. A story of trusting young love, betrayal, forgiveness, intrigue, abuse, violence, and so much more. Well written and, being from the south, an accurate portrayal. Can’t wait for the next book.

  33. Sue M. Wilson

    I could not turn the pages fast enough!
    As this story picked up where part one left off, I could not turn the pages fast enough! I found parts of this book hard to read – But I appreciated a window in – to the confusing world of an abuser. Although this book is a work of fiction, the author did a good job communicating the struggle with in both the victim and the abuser. Anxiously waiting the conclusion of this series!

  34. Boley Books Customer

    This book is a great read. You will enjoy it.
    Love this book!!! Part one and two are great reads. I highly recommend these two Books! I think Kami Boley is a great writer and I look forward to her next book.

  35. Boley Books Customer

    Wow! What a gifted author is emerging!
    I relished every part of this intriguing & well-written story. Having grown up in Houma myself in the ‘50s & ‘60s, I can attest to the authentic feel Kami brings of this South LA setting & it’s unique cajun culture. I am so happy that Kami is doing what she loves, while unfolding her writing talents before our very eyes!

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