After our recent move to Pensacola, my husband and I have decided to get out and explore our new surroundings.

On this outing, we chose to visit The Wacked Out Weiner . . .

We wandered into this establishment shortly after a sad misadventure at another eatery nearby. I saw the WOW sign in the strip mall facing Pine Forest Road in Pensacola . . . I laughed and said, “I’m hungry, I’m game, bring it on.”

Parking was a breeze (some of the stores in the strip mall closed at or before 6 pm).

We arrived near closing time (which is 7 pm), yet we were welcomed (with a firm handshake, no less) by one of the friendliest humans on the planet, a true salt of the earth kind of guy. He introduced himself as Kevin, the owner. I could tell that this owner takes pride in his work as I looked around . . . everything was kept well organized and clean, a good sign.

As soon as Kevin realized we had never encountered this franchise before, he began to walk us through the menu items, the ingredient choices, and popular combinations. After considering all the delicious options I ordered the “Blue Angel Dog” with one twist…the jalapeño sausage. I watched him top the jalapeño sausage with a heaping mound of warm sauerkraut, hot chow-chow (a cabbage-based relish with onions, bell peppers, and a variety of spices. It’s different and pairs well with the kraut) and a drizzle of spicy mustard.

Too excited to wait at the counter while Jim paid, I absconded with my creation over to an open table and savored every warm mouthful. The meal was a great blend of flavors and it was not overly spicy.

To wash it down, the drink options are bottles from a cooler behind the counter. It has an array of Coke products, teas, diet sodas, also a variety of juices and Powerade flavors. No fountain drink or tap water. Jim selected a bottle of Dasani water for me. In a world of fast food with free refills, increasingly more common than not . . . this may deter some patronage.

Don’t like hot dogs or sausage? There are loaded nachos with unlimited toppings and soft baked pretzels with dipping sauces.

Want dessert after? There’s a Muncheez right next door.

Not a huge fan of bread? Me, neither. I think I may try the bun-less option or some loaded nachos on a return visit.

Location and Parking:
P to P
Food Quality: 
Overall Experience:
  • Rating out of five
  • P to P = Price to Portion size
  • Food Quality rating includes accuracy

This evaluation is based on my opinion of a single visit, at a specific location, and only on the menu items I ordered. Results may vary due to change in server/kitchen staff, and/or other circumstances.

Overall the dining was enjoyable.

Considering you can get unlimited toppings . . . there are many ways to customize your meal and have a new experience with each visit.

Have you had a meal at The Wacked Out Weiner? I would love to hear about your experience . . . tell me all about it in the comments!

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