The book opens with Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, and what a delightful surprise it was! The story explores how the life-honed wisdom of an aging tycoon and the budding curiosity of a youth exchange banter and bond over advancing technology. How sometimes the impressions we make on each other last long after the moment has passed. I found the narrative equally endearing as it was spooky.

The Life of Chuck takes a quirky stroll through a normal workday commute made strange by apocalyptic-like occurrences (slightly more surreal than quarantine, masks, shutdowns, and social distancing). It’s always fun to stir up questions of mortality, significance, purpose, and existence.

If it Bleeds features one of my favorite characters in the King universe . . . Holly Gibney. Holly and I share many of the same attributes and flaws, so I tend to feel her ups and downs more intimately than any other character he has created. I was thrilled to see that her adventures continue beyond the Bill Hodges trilogy and The Outsider (books that are must-reads btw).

As an author, I was struck by Rat . . . and once you read it you’ll know why. It plays on some of the longings and fears that lurk in the heart of a writer . . . of any one’s personal aspirations really. It poses deep questions of what would you be willing to do . . . how far are you willing to go . . . or how much would you give up to realize a major life goal? I always connect with humans placed in circumstances that push and test their resolve . . . to see the best and worst of these flawed beings spew forth. I enjoyed these stories and I hope you will too.

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