What a treat this story was!

I sincerely thank Simon & Schuster for allowing me to read an advance copy of The Memory Collectors.

I adore the off-the-beaten-path qualities Kim Neville has used to develop Ev’s relationship with the people and the objects in the world around her. Witnessing this young woman’s enhanced power of intuition causes one to ponder the deep impressions (both good and bad) that people, places, and things can make in our lives . . . often without us realizing the indelible effects. Forever changed. How much of the past do you have to let go of (the people, the artifacts, the emotional attachments) in order to move forward successfully, without losing who you are in the process?

I highly recommend any story that stirs up big questions and sparks deep conversation . . . and this one gave me plenty of fodder in both regards.

Highly recommend!

Professional Reader

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