Enthralling and Surprisingly Sensual

I have never been one to judge other people’s private lives and I myself am quite an adventure-loving soul, but admittedly my reading choices have recently been on the tamer side of the sexual spectrum. I often steer clear of anything akin to romance or erotica, usually finding it somewhat detached, boring, and cheesy (like watching sports instead of playing).

I decided to branch out with this seductive debut in LGBT Literature and I am glad I did . . . it had so much more authentic passion and depth than I was expecting. The author spotlights the struggles of a middle-aged woman’s journey of self-discovery.

This book would be a great book club pick and discussion starter . . . examining the complications of love, fulfillment, and long-term commitments. Happiness is such a rare commodity and it can be so fleeting. Sometimes we deny ourselves the one thing that brings us the most joy just to fit into the silly confining boxes we build for society and ourselves, just so we can strut our “sculpted normalcy” around in the public eye . . . that is until our true selves decide to slap us into stark reality. With only one life to live and staring into the face of what we truly want and need, it begs the question . . . are denial, sacrifice, and punishment such noble things to impose upon ourselves?

Connection is everything and reminds us to deeply examine our lives . . . that sacred space where we attempt to assert our fractional individuality while maintaining our part of a whole . . . trying to make it all balance and still breathe. 5 stars

I’d like to thank NetGalley and Penguin / Putnam for an advanced copy of Like a House on Fire for my unbiased evaluation.

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