In this novel’s premise of Climate Change reaching epic proportions, I see the catastrophic weather patterns as much a main character as Wanda, a girl named after a devastating hurricane.

The Earth steadily unleashes storms that rage and reclaim the environment, an attempt to heal from the human trespassers that have plagued both land and sea. As a current resident of Florida, I was curious to explore this very real and possible eventuality, as scary as that is to think about.

Hard lessons, that there is no way to conquer or override the will of Mother Nature, we must simply find new and better ways to survive . . . adapt or die.

While Wanda is a strong, resilient, and hopeful part of this narrative . . . I really wished there had been a bit deeper exploration of her supernatural gifts. Living in a world threatening collapse and dodging many sobering frights, we could all use a bit more magic.

I’d like to thank NetGalley for an advanced copy of The Light Pirate for my unbiased evaluation. 3.5 stars

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