I’m always excited to try new authors and especially to delve into the experience of a foreign land, to view life through the eyes of another. To learn from their characters’ plight, many compelling lessons of hardships, bravery, and grace.

This was a story of Nigerian families struggling with gender inequality, political oppression, shame, depression, domestic violence, and poverty. There were sections of this novel that were somewhat stirring and insightful.

I really wanted to like this narrative way more than I actually did. Many others have stated a much fonder impression of the overall character depictions, so it may have been that my expectations were just too high. I am still quite interested in reading this author’s first novel, Stay With Me, as it has good feedback and is the main reason why I was truly excited to receive an early copy of this book.

I’d like to thank NetGalley for an advanced copy of A Spell of Good Things for my unbiased evaluation.  3 stars

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