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This is a twisty tale, a keep-you-guessing page-turner told in multiple POVs. At the heart of this story, we have two women who meet by chance in a moment of pure desperation . . . Lee Gulliver, who finds herself alone and homeless after a string of misfortunes, and Hazel Laval, who is currently living a hellish lie, one that from the outside looks like a dream of posh and privilege. These two women couldn’t be more different, nor more the same . . . each living a life they would gladly escape if given the slightest chance. This unlikely friendship will lead them to a dangerous crossroads, one that will challenge every loyalty, keep them scrambling for the truth, and test every skill of survival.

Grab your copy of The Drowning Woman on June 13th, 2023

I’d like to thank NetGalley for an advanced copy of The Drowning Woman for my unbiased evaluation. 5 stars

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