Atmospheric and Suspenseful

This novel is so creative and darkly witchy. Experience three teens coming of age on the moody shores of the New England coast. What bonds form over a fateful Summer break will reverberate for years to come. Reality will blur with passion, pain, grief, and memory . . . the seemingly eternal echos of family, friendship, and loves lost.

Occasionally I had to re-read sections. The story became a little bumpy and disjointed, hard for me to follow . . . yet, the prose created such an eerie and compelling unease that I didn’t care if I got a little lost. I’ll let this author lead me anywhere and not be terribly concerned with the destination. You’ll likely enjoy this one if you are a big fan of spooky fiction or horror.

I received an advanced copy of Looking Glass Sound for my unbiased evaluation. 3.5 stars

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