The overall premise for this story is very good and I was super excited to read. This debut novel starts off strong . . . thick with small-town mystery and spooky vibes. A popular therapist/author with an expanding social media presence buys an infamous murder house with the intention of rehabilitation. This situation is simply ripe with madness and eerie possibilities.

Without giving anything crucial to the plot away I must admit that the POV character Sarah Slade became abrasive, unlikeable, and nearly intolerable to me. Being in her mottled head filled me with high anxiety and it was not fun at all there for a minute. If you don’t mind the narrative being occasionally disjointed or slow and uncomfortable for a bit, the story does eventually get back on a more coherent and enjoyable track before the end.

If you enjoy spine-tingling stories or mild horror, this might be a good pick for you this Halloween season.

Available for purchase September 12, 2023

I’d like to thank NetGalley for an advanced copy of The Stranger Upstairs for my unbiased evaluation.  3 stars

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