The title of this story fits like a glove. Theodora (Teddy) Angstrom’s older sister Angie went missing ten years ago and left a gaping hole where she used to be. In many ways, the rest of her family never moved on after Angie’s unsolved disappearance. As a further insult to injury, the hits just seem to keep on coming. Teddy needs closure and she seeks answers to sew up her gaping wounds, but only seems to find more questions. Someone online claims to have new information about the night that Angie didn’t return . . . and that’s a dangling carrot that Teddy just can’t ignore.

If a good book is determined by its ability to extract emotion or to make you contemplate an aspect of life from a different, much less flattering, angle . . . this narrative accomplished that for me. I’m on the spectrum and have always struggled with understanding certain mindsets and desires, or even the darker frailties that manifest cruel manipulations of others and self-sabotage. I never quite grasp the motivation and energy that is uselessly funneled into such activities. Like if witnessing the twisted aftermath of a bad accident . . . I’m so curious to know the fate of those trapped inside and can’t look away.

I’d like to thank NetGalley for an advanced copy of Rabbit Hole for my unbiased evaluation.  4 stars

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