This is a unique thriller that explores the nature of loyalty and how those intricate ties are woven. I highly recommend this read for fans of psychological suspense.

Some female friendships can be formed with an easy smile and a carefree afternoon or much deeper bonds can be forged in a desperate flame of need and sisterly compassion. Margo finds herself attending college and feeling the devastating loss of a friendship built on many years of shared childhood moments. She spends that first year adrift without her best friend Eliza and drowning in loneliness. Her struggle does not go unnoticed. Lucy, a free spirit on campus, charges into Margo’s life and offers up a life raft—an exciting chance to join her small circle of friends off campus. Could this be a new start for Margo or is this opportunity that’s too good to be true?

I’d like to thank NetGalley for an advanced copy of Only If You’re Lucky for my unbiased evaluation.  4.5 stars

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