This story was a large tangled web of love, greed, and deceit. Meet Ruby McTavish and the notorious clan of Ashby House. There were so many delicious family secrets to unfold here and I enjoyed every flipping page of it. Good or bad, who truly deserves what they get in life? Should the deciding factor be in a person’s pedigree or shall it be determined solely by their deeds?  What if you found yourself wealthy enough to bend all karma at will?

Not all of the plot devices seem completely plausible in this book, but neither do some of the things that happen in real life. This novel is a thoroughly entertaining, well-written jaunt, so I did not mind a bit . . . a perfect way to spend a sunny day on the porch.

I’d like to thank NetGalley for an advanced copy of The Heiress for my unbiased evaluation.  5 stars

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