I missed the highly recommended debut offering by this author and I still plan to read Such a Fun Age soon. In this second novel, Millie Cousins becomes a senior resident assistant at the college of Arkansas and becomes recklessly entangled with a visiting professor. This new infatuation may not only shake off her boredom . . . it could also unsettle her plans for the future.

I like to keep my mind both open and sharp, so I do not shy away from diverse perspectives, especially ones that do not necessarily align with my personal experience . . . in this practice I find growth. This storyline felt a bit watered down and did not have the emotional maturity or intensity that I was expecting, though it did provide brief intervals of content that held my interest.

I think high school seniors and young adults will appreciate this novel for its intimate observations on the transition into campus life . . . the time during which we first start to develop deeper feelings and more meaningful relationships with ourselves and with others.

I’d like to thank NetGalley for an advanced copy of Come and Get It for my unbiased evaluation.  3 stars

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