I appreciate the messages of warning, hope, and solidarity contained in this text.  I’ve experienced the heartbreaking recollections of many women who have survived horrific entrapment and abuse . . . I acknowledge each one with great empathy. This account seemed more like a woman scorned by a narcissistic and untrustworthy lover. I have also read many an unpolished manuscript in my day without judgment of small imperfections. The atrocious formatting of the pages that were delivered to me almost made this woman’s personal tragedy unreadable. I can’t place the entire aversion on the formatting though. At times the author comes across as exploitative . . . wallowing in toxicity and victimhood as a way to promote herself as an artist . . . which is equally unpalatable. I have recently learned that there is an audio rendition of this book being made available soon. I’m sure the full account is best told by its owner and may land much better. If you are interested, I would recommend that format as superior to this particular version.

I’d like to thank NetGalley for an advanced copy of Why Do We Stay for my unbiased evaluation.  2 stars

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