This novel is an eerie modern-day depiction of a writer’s worst nightmare. Camryn Lane’s dream of becoming a published author has finally come to fruition. Hard work and years of rejection are finally paying off . . . gaining a steady stream of readers and true legitimacy amongst her peers. Her publishing team is so delighted by early feedback that they begin talks of drafting a follow-up release. Camryn’s bubble of happiness suddenly pops after one scathing review is posted. A ruthless voice that acquires a platform and quickly leads to public embarrassment and an onslaught of hate and harassment for Camryn and her family. Could Camryn’s pages of fiction have inspired and unleashed such vitriol? Or could this steady stream of poison be oozing out of some other unseen wound?

I highly recommend you find out July 2, 2024.

I’d like to thank NetGalley for an advanced copy of The Haters for my unbiased evaluation.  5 stars

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